Mr. William Shakespeare & the Internet

In my less-than-exhaustive search of the internet before preceding on this year of madness, I discovered an unfinished attempt to do same plus Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet, a guide to all things Will more or less.

If anybody knows a better way to actually hyperlink on WordPress, please let me know. Till then, I’ll keep posting links and you can keep either cutting and pasting them or googling. I know, lame. What is the internet for but to make our lives easier?

I’m reminded of the dead archeologists in Indiana Jones movies, stumbling upon the similar titled blog from 2005/6 called “myyearofshakespeare.” This would be a very short trip had he succeeded, and kind of a bummer because I would have to find a new way to hold myself accountable.

I’m mentioning this other chap in full dislosure, lest I pretend that I’m the only one who ever came up with this idea. If I’ve missed another blog out there where somebody else has completed the journey in a public forum, I’ll gladly back off or at least reconsider. I’m hoping to be semi-original in what I provide here. It’s not “just” the Shakespeare canon that I’ll be discussing. The merits of that, well… it remains to be seen, don’t it?


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