Dear Santa

Ladies and Gentlemen!

For your consideration, may I present a gift idea for the discriminating Shakespeare lover on your Christmas shopping list. Why, it’s the Shakespeare Action Figure. B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-brilliant!

I’m fairly certain these come in other popular flavors as well, including Edgar Allen Poe and Charles Dickens. Please check the Writers Store for availability on the net, or in Westwood, CA if you happen to be in the area. Small store, but a lot of fun if you have an interest in screenwriting. (

UPDATE: As of 17 December 2009, the Writer’s Store website offered four different action figure possibilities: Leonardo da Vinci (because, you know, he wrote great notes), Oscar Wilde, Charles Dickens (score!), and the ever-popular “Glow in the Dark Skeleton Pirates.”

And no Shakespeare. Wha?


3 Responses to “Dear Santa”

  1. So, if you get the Thoreau and Emerson action figures and place them in close proximity, do they begin arguing the philosophical merits of University?

  2. That’s hilarious! If only there were a Thoreau action figure, I wouldn’t even wait for Santa. But you know of course that Emerson has to be an “in-action” figure, right? Thoreau would come complete with ax, hoe and pen while the Emerson kit included only an armchair by which to contemplate.

    If Thoreau had a cord to pull allowing him to speak, he would say something like, “Hey, Em, what’re you sittin’ on your ass for?” and “Let’s go a-huckleberrying!” while Emerson smugly pontificated on the glories of nature from the comfort of his sitting room (sold seperately).

  3. Sweetie Says:

    I know where you can get a Jane Austen action figure. Sadly, they don’t carry Thoreau. Here’s the link:

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