Counting Down the Hits

…or up the hits, which sounds a little naughty. Blame it on the pillow as pictured below, or thoughts of errant Santa’s Elves. But let’s move on.

I’m slightly stunned that we’ve already crossed the “100 Hit” threshold, which, to be honest, I’d imagined would take a few months. I mean, I don’t even know a hundred people and my mom has already commented. If friends told friends who told school acquaintances I might get up to one hundred people — maybe. You could throw in my calling circle and it could possibly carry me over the hump (with a good breeze at my back, traveling down hill, after a big push).

But we’re over the hump and down the hill and rolling right along. People are asking me about how this will work, which order we’ll read the books (okay, I’ll read the books, but maybe some of you, sometime, will join along. It won’t hurt. I mean, not much I don’t think. And it could be lots of fun).

Some of you might be watching this the way a lot of folks watch NASCAR — waiting for the big smash up that you know is inevitable. He’s gonna run out of material. It’s bound to get boring. Just wait till he hits Titus Andronicus. I know, I know… the traps are waiting.

Still, I can’t believe what a blast this is. So, okay, I already get the blogging thing. But even I want to know if this momentum will last once January 1 rolls around and the real slog journey begins.

I’ll hope you’ll still be here. I hope I’ll still be here. I hope we’ll all still be here. We know Shakespeare will still be here…


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