Yes, it exists. No, it does not make your petard stand on end. It’s rather anticlimactic, truth be told, but what is it with these pointed references?

Apparently the site has undergone some drama of its own. I’ll have to investigate. I certainly don’t mean to pass judgment. But — really?

Naturally I’m on the prowl for all matters relating to Shakespeare on the internets. I plan to share with you any items of note, to spare you that darned google trap which can be like looking a word up in the dictionary or eating just one cookie fresh out of the oven.

Then again, if you know of a favorite site you’ve been keeping secret (or, you know, friends, boyfriends and significant others yawned at not so discreetly), feel free to share them here.

We’re a Shakespeare community, after all. This isn’t like class where you have to pretend. You’re not going to get a bad grade. I perfectly understand that reading or attending Shakespeare for a lot of people is like flossing between meals or eating your green beans. But some people actually like green beans. Sort of.

Maybe comparing Shakespeare to vegetables wasn’t such a great idea.


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