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  1. Linda OReilly Says:

    That vote was mine–I got it wrong!!! ME!
    …for heaven’s sake…
    Jan 1st approaches, I’m so excited–being a Shakespeare groupie would make be wonder about myself if there were not so many of us.
    I’ve got my Harold Bloom all dusted off and ready to reference.

  2. Well, actually, I need to thank you for making the point: we like to think we’re familiar with Shakespeare and his time, when in reality it’s a lot more hazy to even those who are familiar with him.

    I’ll be doing a lot more blogging about things like this after the holidays. I’m excited that there are others who want to do the reading with me…

    Your input will help shape the future of this blog! Let me know what you think as we go along. And oh, yeah — happy new year!

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