A Door Opens as Another One Closes

Hate to see stories like this… I never imagine British pubs going out of business, especially those with a steady supply of ghosts!

I quote (Forgive the graphics, but they’re kinda trippy, so I left ’em. An apparition’s touch.):

Shakespeare Pub’s Closure Isn’t Much Ado About Nothing

The Shakespeare Inn at Shalesmoor has seen it all – and has got the ghosts to prove it.

Just stepping across the threshold of the Gibraltar Street pub feels like entering a bygone era.

With its flaking paint, Georgian-style sash windows, and original paving on the floor, the pub is devoid of mod cons.

Where most of today’s bars boast flashy plasma televisions and Sky TV, The Shakespeare’s features – three ghosts and a 1920-style music venue – are more antiquated.



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