‘Twas the Night Before Shakespeare


I wish you all the best of everything

in the year and decade to come!

NOTE: As of this afternoon (2009 DEC 31), our family plans are experiencing a bit of upheaval. My brother and I may be slipping away on New Year’s Day to Ventura harbor to hang out on his ocean-going sailboat.

Naturally, that’s a spectacular way to start the new year. Ahem, it may cause a wee bit of a problem regarding the 1st reading assignment. Not that I won’t do it — heavens no! It just means I may not post for a day or so.

Not to worry! We’ll be back on dry land by the 2nd at the latest. So just think of me as hung over from bowl games and cilantro dip and we’ll call it even.

Besides, you should all know by now that the first reading will be Act 1 Scenes 1-5 from Hamlet. I was planning to give you two days for that anyway.

So it’s all good, right?

And oh, by the way, have a great New Year’s Eve. Then sober up, me hearties, because it will be time to get down to beeswax!


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