There Are More Plays than Are Dreamt of in Your Playbook, Chilly

You’ve probably had enough of football — most of you, anyway. But I will post this and then get off the subject, just to prove that I wasn’t the only one thinking of Shakespeare in regards to the career of Brett Favre. But Hamlet? Um… I dunno.

(“Stratford-Upon-Kiln, Mississippi” was my alternate headline.)

Brett Favre: the Hero Without the Happy Ending

By John Feinstein
Monday, January 25, 2010

Perhaps the best way to describe the football career of Brett Favre is to say that he has come to embody Hamlet, Shakespeare’s greatest and most famous character.

There is no doubting that Favre is heroic. That was never more evident than in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s NFC Championship game, when he hobbled in and out of the Minnesota Vikings’ huddle but somehow managed to keep back-pedaling and scrambling away from pass rushers to throw laser beam passes while getting knocked down by the New Orleans Saints again and again.


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