Parisian Love

It was by far my favorite ad during the Super Bowl this year. As it turns out (and it figures) Google has been running it for quite awhile on YouTube.

But I certainly hadn’t seen it before. To show you what a sap I am, I utterly adored it. Telling a story through a series of Google queries seemed not only heartfelt and witty in comparison to all the lame beer commercials and jock humor, but also the most thematically spot on: search after all is what Google is about.

Houses made out of Bud Lite, coffins filled with Doritos? I didn’t just dislike those — I hated them. Ick.

Here is the Google ad, in case you missed it. Enjoy!

One Response to “Parisian Love”

  1. Hey, just stumbled on your blog today. Why did you stop?

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