The Love of the Irish

At first I was wondering if somebody in South Bend reads the blog and wanted to get a head start on my Valentine’s Day project.

Then I realized that couldn’t possibly be true, and I settled into a dreamy stupor, wondering what it would be like to have the Fighting Irish cheerleading squad read the sonnets aloud.

Then I realized I picked the wrong school to do my undergrad. These folks know how to celebrate right.

Valentine’s Day began a little early at Notre Dame with words of love, courtesy of William Shakespeare.

“Sonnet Fest” kicked off Wednesday as students, faculty and staff gathered to read all of Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets as a tribute to the love and beauty behind his poetry.

Shakespeare enthusiasts, and even Notre Dame President Father John Jenkins, took turns reading, as the crowd listened to the moving and powerful language.

“It’s just a celebration of a tremendous artist and a framer of the English language. His art was meant to be public, and this is a public celebration of some beautiful poetry that is profound and moving,” said Father Jenkins.


UPDATE: Yeah, sure, it all sounds so wholesome and educational. But what inquiring minds want to know is… how did these noble, well-intentioned, academic-minded Catholics skirt the bawdy bits? The lusty parts? The country matters? The titillation? Did they employ selective editing? Give ’em the ol’ wink wink, nod nod, don’t ask, don’t tell policy?

We of course won’t do that here on the blog!


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