A Valentine’s Present

Only slightly belated, but not because I wasn’t thinking of you, dear readers. I slipped away to the ocean for a few days free from the internet and cell phones, soaking up the spring sunshine and recharging for the Sonnets ahead. (I know, spring sunshine sounds premature, but it was lovely shorts-and-tank-top weather on the California coast. It’s rough, I grant that, especially for those of you blanketed by snow on the East Coast of the United States. But hey — I’d trade LA for NY or Dublin or Budapest or St. Petersburg on almost any other occasion… but not when girls emerge from their wintry cocoons as fluttering butterflies in their summer dresses.)

I hope you too enjoyed time far from the madding crowd.

Now that I’m back, I wanted you to know that you were missed. Here’s a small token of my appreciation. I won’t mention who it’s by, for fear it will get yanked by the embedding police. But it’s a great song by a band I’ve adored since the moment their first album came out. Storm in Heaven will always be one of my favorites!

Appropriate for our task ahead, but also to celebrate a day we set aside to honor love.

Here ya go. I hope it will get to stay up! If not, I’ll try and find an alternative take.


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