Another Shakespeare Contender Emerges

Fulke Greville

The Spy with the Effeminate Doily

With so much scholarship already being done — and reported on — the boggy authorship question, I’m reluctant to wade into the “Did Shakespeare Write Shakespeare?” quagmire here. Until more clarity emerges, the competing bids only serve to befuddle a curious bystander like me.

Still, I can’t help but be fascinated when yet another story surfaces promising to shed light on the subject. This instance suggests that the tomb of Fulke Greville may provide missing clues from crucial period manuscripts.  SOURCE

St. Mary’s Church in Warwick, England, contains a tomb that parishioners believe may contain clues about Shakespeare’s work. The church was built by Fulke Greville, a “prominent 17th-century nobleman, … scholar, soldier, statesman,” spy, writer and Shakespeare contemporary who “some believe is the true author of several of the Bard’s works” according to the Daily Telegraph.


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