Enquiring Minds Want to Know…

— about Shakespeare’s later life.

Apparently there are stones still left unturned (alas, I didn’t believe it either) in the quest to discover everything there is to find out about the guy who either was or wasn’t the Shakespeare we love.

Intrepid archeologists are ready to break ground in New Place, the home Shakespeare owned and lived in for the last 19 years of his life.  The details are a bit icky for those who don’t enjoy trolling through trashcans — let alone septic tanks — for clues to the neighbors’ secret habits, but I suppose the tolerance for this kind of thing depends upon whom you’re investigating.

A well clogged with period organic matter may sound like a trove to some, but I’ll just wait for the gossipy good news to be reported later, thanks.  I’m sure the effort will be worth it.  But learning what the Shakespeares had for dinner or hacked up in a hankie is not my calling by a longshot.

God bless the division of labor in a market economy!



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