Free Shakespeare Reader!

Everybody loves free things, myself included.  But my ears twitched when I heard about a downloadable Shakespeare reader that includes all his plays in a readable format that does not require you to be online.

It’s through ZDNet, a reliable source.  I checked it out ahead of time and experienced no problems whatsoever.  I’ll be reviewing it later once I’ve had more time to play around with it.

I’m a traditionalist who prefers hard copies (mostly because I’m an obsessive underliner and margin note writer; though Kindle allows for this, t’ain’t the same IMHO).

I’m not against new technologies, obviously.  My Creative Zen follows me wherever I go, I’m on friendly terms with my computer and yes, I have a cellphone.  From what I hear, I’ll love Kindles as much or more once I have one of my own.

A part of me still hopes that hardbound and paperback books will survive.  Perhaps for collectors only, like music that has migrated back to vinyl.  Or maybe rarer still, like the animal-replicas of Bladerunner.

You can’t hold back change.  But you can preserve the best of old technologies too.  All that glitters isn’t necessarily the new.

Anyway, here’s the LINK, in case you want to try the Shakespeare reader for yourself.

More Coriolanus coming later.  Promise.


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