The Healing Power of Shakespeare

In my quest for all things Shakespeare, I occasionally stumble upon news or sidebars that I hope will be of interest to readers out there in the blogosphere who may have found their way here by a random google search.  It’s a bit like retweeting, I guess, since I’m not the one coming up with this content, but merely passing word of it along .

The Guardian UK has posted just such a story that demands as big an audience as it can draw.  Ostensibly about a Shakespearean treasure hunt, it is really about a whole lot more.

When Patrick and Patricia Padget lost their son in a horrific pub incident, their whole world came crashing down.  Remarkably, they found inspiration to carry on with their lives through art, which they are now sharing with the rest of the world.

It’s a tremendous story that you’ll want to read by clicking the link above.


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