2K — the Hits Keep Coming

I’m a bit behind schedule and will have to step it up a bit if I want to read the whole canon in a year’s time.  Not behind by much, but enough so to make things interesting.

I want to thank everyone for continuing to come along for the ride.  Two-thousand hits in a little over four month’s time far exceeds what I was hoping for when I began.  To be quite honest, I wasn’t convinced anybody but my immediate family would be dropping in.

Seven plays down, thirty-three left to go (more or less, depending on how the timing plays out, or how broadly we define what constitutes the canon).

I haven’t received any comments in awhile.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not open to suggestions should you have them, or that there’s not a whole lot of room for improvement on my part.

But thanks again for having a look.


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