And So It Begins

Crossed over into the new year watching Romeo & Juliet and Shakespeare in Love on Netflix before they expired at dawn’s first light.


I felt twice a fool: once for having paid so little heed to everyone’s favorite filmed version of the greatest love story ever; and second, by my ignorance of how embedded Shakespeare’s biography is within the fictional tale of a love that won his heart and influenced his career.

A more fitting beginning to the year I could not have imagined – not  for myself, who wishes to correct the errors of his ways no matter the expense in personal standing. It’s what this project is about in its essence…returning to the plays themselves and attempting to grow in understanding of them and, through them, me – and the world around me that Shakespeare did so much to define and shape.

As an aside, this app tends to delete words at the slightest touch and original posts might therefore suffer from strange omissions. I shall work to correct these as the year progresses.

Also: I have decided to try and maintain this as a daily Shakespeare journal, record my thoughts over time as Shakespeare’s words exert their influence over me…sort of like a travel journal with my interior the undiscovered country and Shakespeare being the greatest tour guide in Western literature.

I wish you all a happy, prosperous and peaceful 2014.

May your fondest dreams come true.


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