Shakespeare’s “Fingerprints” on New Plays?

Here’s a LINK to an intriguing story in the Guardian about recent linguistic analysis which suggests that Shakespeare may have been involved in more collaboration and/or rewriting of other people’s plays than we have previously been aware.


If true, this only provides more evidence that, if alive today, Shakespeare would no doubt be an “A” list screenwriter extraordinaire, a go-to guy, a fixer, a closer. Name me an era and he would have excelled in it.

Ancient Greece? We would be talking about him alongside Sophocles, Euripides and Aristophanes.

Middle ages? Look out Dante. You have a new rival. Genius is genius is genius.

While I’ll need more information to accept such plays as the “work” of Shakespeare, I won’t be surprised that such a man had a hand in more output than has been ascribed to him thus far.


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