An App by Any Other Name

UPDATE: I will try and post my own reviews of Shakespeare apps. As of 17 January 2014, the majority of good ones indeed appear to be exclusive to Apple (curses!). Many, including the one noted below, download free but charge individually per play for in-app purchases. The best I have found so far is Shakespeare Pro, which, for a one-time, minimal fee, includes the full texts plus extensive background and a complete glossary. More later.

I don’t experience iPhone envy much since upgrading to a Samsung Galaxy, but after reading a review of an incredible Shakespeare app available (for now) exclusively through iTunes, I’m suffering from a bit of Iago’s poison.

If you DO have an iPhone, congrats. Now go read all the details over at my new friend’s amazing Shakespeare BLOG.

I’m so amazed and impressed by the people drawn to Shakespeare. As the year unfolds, I’d love to post guest essays, reviews, comments, questions, opinions and more. If you’d like to contribute and/or link to your own work, please let me know!

I hope we’ll continually evolve this thing. It feels like a movement is rising to reclaim the Bard and his work from the legions of academics and cultural snobs who assume that he belongs solely to them.

Later I’ll be blogging on Shakespeare’s background and identity gleaned from recent biographies.

I used to subscribe to the idea that Shakespeare couldn’t possibly be Shakespeare. But now I’m leaning hard the other way. More on that as the year progresses.

I am SO thrilled to keep meeting new Shakespeare lovers. You bring enormous enthusiasm and make this blog even more rewarding than it already is.


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