Sometimes It’s Hard to Be a Woman

Your conclusion was pretty similar to mine: Desdemona, not Othello, is the tragic center of the play. I believe she owns her death because she took her vow seriously and “became one” with her husband. Othello not so much. It’s why I agree with others (and against the 1992 film with Kenneth Branaugh) that the relationship can’t possibly have been consummated. Thanks so much for your extended take!

Shakespeare 365

I’m quickly realizing that the detached, academic analysis-type stance is not going to work for me.
I’m not sure why I kept trying to go there with my writing, except for maybe habit.
After all, the last time I encountered Shakespeare was roughly a decade ago, when I took a class as part of my Master’s program.
Then, I really had no choice. I also had absolutely nothing else going on in my life–so it was relatively easy to spend countless hours doing research and writing formal papers with lists of citations.

Now, my time (and my attention span) is far more limited.
Perhaps a time will come when I’m able to really dig in and check one source after another, and conduct a more formal examination of the text(s)…
But I can’t start out that way. It’s too much for me to handle. I need to ease in and…

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