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2K — the Hits Keep Coming

Posted in Hits on 2010/04/20 by mattermind

I’m a bit behind schedule and will have to step it up a bit if I want to read the whole canon in a year’s time.  Not behind by much, but enough so to make things interesting.

I want to thank everyone for continuing to come along for the ride.  Two-thousand hits in a little over four month’s time far exceeds what I was hoping for when I began.  To be quite honest, I wasn’t convinced anybody but my immediate family would be dropping in.

Seven plays down, thirty-three left to go (more or less, depending on how the timing plays out, or how broadly we define what constitutes the canon).

I haven’t received any comments in awhile.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not open to suggestions should you have them, or that there’s not a whole lot of room for improvement on my part.

But thanks again for having a look.


1000 Hits!

Posted in Hits on 2010/02/07 by mattermind

Appropriate for Super Bowl Sunday, guys.  Thanks for helping me reach four digits after only four plays!

There are thirty-four left to go, plus the sonnets and poems.  Oh, God.  That sounds a lot harder after saying it out loud…

I haven’t been at this very long, but it’s already turning into the experience of a lifetime.  You people are the best.

And now, back to The Game!

Hit Me with Your Best Shot — and You Did!

Posted in Hits with tags , , , , , on 2010/01/27 by mattermind

UPDATE: WE DID IT! WE SMASHED THAT OLD RECORD BY A WHOPPING… 1… um, post. (Yeah, uh, relax, people. I promise not to bring this up again till we beat the new and improved 46 hit total — by a lot. That is, if it ever happens. And the Cubbies win the Series. And the Lions reach the Super Bowl. Sigh.)

It’s 80s throwback week here on the blog, apparently. Before crashing and burning on the Greek and Roman historical plays (you’ll have to earn your ticket to the tragic romances of spring), I wanted to point out that the daily hit total keeps rising for no apparent reason.

It’s fun to track though.

The top day is still December 16th, the day after the blog went up. That’s because friends and family rallied to the cause and pushed it higher than it deserved (thanks, gang) to reach 45 — a total that hasn’t been matched… yet. Be gone, 45!  The record is now… (gasp) 46.  Is Bill the Cat around?  No?  Opus??

ProFootballTalk we are not. ( Better watch your back, though, Florio. Yesterday we hit 37.

Today we’re currently at 32 35 43 46 (two more to tie! We did it! How much do I owe you? Oh, wait, we’re still on?). Eventually, we’ll get over the hump, I hope. Well, maybe after the Greek and Roman histories.

Light My Fire

Posted in Hits with tags , on 2010/01/17 by mattermind

We’ve crossed five hundred hits and it’s barely mid January. That exceeds my wildest expectations, and I’m humbly grateful.

Thank you for stopping by, people. And commenting from time to time too. Your thoughts, feedback, well wishes, and critique have been a true blessing — and I want you to know that.

Shakespeare makes a great companion. But doing this with you reminds me of one of my favorite poems from Jim Morrison’s American Prayer:

Wow, I´m sick of doubt
Live in the light of certain South
Cruel bindings
The servants have the power

Dog men and their mean women
Pulling poor blankets over our sailors
I´m sick of dour faces
Staring at me from the T.V. Tower
I want roses in my garden bower; dig?
Royal babies, rubies
Must now replace aborted
Strangers in the mud
These mutants, blood meal
for the plant that´s plowed

They are waiting to take us into the severed garden
Do you know, how pale and wanton thrillful
Comes death in a strange hour
Unannounced, unplanned for
like a scaring over-friendly guest you´ve brought to bed
Death makes angels of us all and gives us wings
Where we had shoulders, smooth as ravens claws

No more money, no more fancy dress
This other kingdom seems by far the best
Until it´s other jaw reveals incest
And loose obidience to a vegetable law

I will not go
Prefer a feast of friends
To the giant family

Counting Down the Hits

Posted in Hits on 2009/12/18 by mattermind

…or up the hits, which sounds a little naughty. Blame it on the pillow as pictured below, or thoughts of errant Santa’s Elves. But let’s move on.

I’m slightly stunned that we’ve already crossed the “100 Hit” threshold, which, to be honest, I’d imagined would take a few months. I mean, I don’t even know a hundred people and my mom has already commented. If friends told friends who told school acquaintances I might get up to one hundred people — maybe. You could throw in my calling circle and it could possibly carry me over the hump (with a good breeze at my back, traveling down hill, after a big push).

But we’re over the hump and down the hill and rolling right along. People are asking me about how this will work, which order we’ll read the books (okay, I’ll read the books, but maybe some of you, sometime, will join along. It won’t hurt. I mean, not much I don’t think. And it could be lots of fun).

Some of you might be watching this the way a lot of folks watch NASCAR — waiting for the big smash up that you know is inevitable. He’s gonna run out of material. It’s bound to get boring. Just wait till he hits Titus Andronicus. I know, I know… the traps are waiting.

Still, I can’t believe what a blast this is. So, okay, I already get the blogging thing. But even I want to know if this momentum will last once January 1 rolls around and the real slog journey begins.

I’ll hope you’ll still be here. I hope I’ll still be here. I hope we’ll all still be here. We know Shakespeare will still be here…