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Shakespeare Selfies

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As I noted in a previous post, I have become quite the fan of the artist behind Happily, she has allowed me to feature some of her work here.  As I progress through the plays, I shall be including more of her brilliant cartoons targeting the specific titles and characters that I’m covering.

The drawings may look simple, but a lot of thought goes into them. I have told her that they remind me of the early work of MATT GROENING.  We all know how that turned out. 😉

I highly encourage you to explore her site (she does other cartooning – and writes well too!) and give her a shoutout for her efforts and all-around brilliance. She’s doing some tremendous things.

For a more extensive look, here is a nice write up that appeared in my ZITE feed. This girl is going places!

Selfies Pt. 2


Read All of Shakespeare, Free!

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Courtesy of the good people at the Folger Shakespeare Library. To find out how you can do it, click HERE.

You may even wish to blog about the experience – but I hear that’s a lot more difficult than it sounds. :/

For those wondering, I spent this early weekend mesmerized by the Blue Angels, an elite jet acrobatic team. When not staring riveted at the sky, I have been reading Richard II, alas. Just haven’t had the time to properly post yet.

Sunday is Shakespeare day. So don’t be dismayed if I fire out a few thoughts (“like sausages” as one wry commenter put it) on what has happened so far.

It turns out that all my history preparation has come in handy.

But more on that tomorrow. Promise!

Open Shakespeare

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It’s always nice to make new friends, especially when you share common interests.

I’ve just spent the morning perusing the fabulous “Open Shakespeare” project’s website and am here to report that these people get it right.

How they make a living at it, I have no idea… but the volunteer–based effort is dedicated to widening the Bard’s appeal to one and all. I especially love that they’re helping bridge the ever-widening gulf between sound academic scholarship (at least till I get involved) and public (if it’s on the net, it’s free) interest.

You can access all of of Shakespeare’s works here. Really! Shakespeare’s Canon — Fire Away.

Later on, once I have a more comprehensive grasp on their offerings, I’ll be posting their “Words of the Week” feature as well as riffing some background material on the plays, so you won’t have to put up with my willful ignorance. Or at least you’ll have a choice.

Because I’m a goof for language, I’m excited about their textual comparisons (the French Hamlet — oo la la). Though I wonder if anybody over there caught the bawdy “Open Shakespeare Package” reference in their About section.

Hey — they warned me about the sexual nature of the Sonnets. Can I help it if I’m now aroused?