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Attention All Planets of the Solar Federation

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We have assumed control… we have assumed control… we have assumed control.

Okay, that makes two references now to Rush (lyrics by Peart, music by Lee & Lifeson). Probably two more than anybody would guess might appear in a Shakespeare blog.

Or not.

I’m a big fan of Neil Peart for his travel writing and motorcylcle adventuring — damn him. Just as I am for Ewan McGregor and the blasts o’ fun he had on The Long Way Round and its sequel, The Long Way Down. When and if I finish this Year of Shakespeare, I’d like to start a literary travel blog of my own.

This post has nothing to do with that. Not exactly. Instead, it has more to do with my staging a house coup and halting the election in favor of Julius Caesar.

There are a couple reasons for this:

1) He was winning the election handily anyway. As of the 27th, 50% of the voting (such as it is) had been cast in his favor already

2) I have good intel that certain militant factions of the electorate would have swung the results his direction

3) I’m not in the mood for Romeo & Juliet at the moment. I’d rather save that for spring

4) Most importantly…

I’ve worked out a syllabus for the entire year that I’m more than a little excited about. I’ll be posting the schedule for February and early March shortly. I think it breaks the plays down into units that are both accessible and interesting to read individually and as clusters within the larger whole.

That said, I’m still open to modifications as we go along. I’m probably kidding myself, but if anybody has a suggestion for a change of plays within a sequence, or just wants to cover something off the top of a hat… lemme know. It’s all negotiable. Kinda.

Because every girl prefers a benevolent dictator philosopher king to an anarchist (not to mention, a closet Rush fetishist). Right, girls?


Five More Days to Vote

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…and Caesar is staging a coup. (Thanks to a particular furry animal out there in the wild kingdom, methinks.) So remember, kids, to delete those cookies and rig some ballots!

Reminder: Poll Remains Open till Jan. 31

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Don’t Forget to Vote

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Unless you’re planning on voting Republican for a vacant Senate seat formerly occupied by a Democratic institution that will now tip the balance in an already overheated political climate back toward the just recently down-and-out ex-incumbent Presidential party that inexplicably allows a pain-pill-addled nutjob to make an ass out of himself speaking out against the much needed relief efforts in Haiti.

I kid, I kid.

But do vote.

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