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“Oystas — Git Ya Oystas!”

Posted in Shakespeareana with tags , , on 2010/01/29 by mattermind

Here’s the perfect time-travel project for Dirty Jobs: try being the cleanup crew at the Globe Theater in Shakespeare’s day!

(“Hey, Will — I think I know why everyone’s makin’ out.”)

From Reuters:

Elizabethan theater-goers chomped on an exotic array of foods while enjoying the latest plays of the day, new evidence found at the sites of Shakespearean playhouses in London suggests.

Archaeologists say choice Tudor snacks included oysters by the cartload, crab and other shellfish like mussels, whelks and periwinkles.

Dried raisins and figs, hazelnuts, plums, cherries and peaches were also consumed in great quantities, according to experts who excavated The Rose and The Globe theatres on the south bank of the River Thames.

Baked blackberry and elderberry pies and sturgeon, common in British waters at the time, were also popular with the masses who packed the playhouses.

New published research also suggests that the theater diet varied along social and class lines.

Commoners, referred to then as “groundlings or stinkards” who paid just a penny to stand in the yard or pit regularly chomped on oysters.

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