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Android Strikes Back

Posted in Apps with tags , , on 2014/01/17 by mattermind

If you have an Android device, don’t despair. You can do more than merely console yourself with the Sonnet Project’s free app linked above.

You will be knocked out by the passion and talents of dedicated men and women determined to return Shakespeare to the people, where he belongs.

Go. Now. And swoon over heartbreaking renditions such as this. Ahhhhhhh.


The Sonnet Project

Posted in The Sonnets with tags , on 2014/01/16 by mattermind

I won’t formally begin the sonnets and poems until April, but I can’t help giving a shout out about what’s happening at The Sonnet Project NYC.

I am amazed at how spectacularly they have captured the essence of everything I am attempting with this blog. I can’t stop watching every single posted video. Come April, I’ll be linking like mad.

For now, I will content myself with my favorite. I have watched this again and again and again (sigh).

For those who cannot watch on their portable devices, here is a LINK

Please support these good people in their work!