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The Empire Striketh Back

Posted in Performance with tags , , , on 2014/03/19 by mattermind

Just when I had wrapped my head around Verily, a New Hope comes word of the release of The Empire Striketh Back.

While either a Star Wars or Shakespeare purist might beg to differ, I personally can’t get enough of this stuff.

Sorry it’s just a trailer for the book. If the Force leads you to a longer version, please send it with a droid and I’ll make sure it gets to Obi.


Verily, a New Hope

Posted in Performance with tags , , on 2014/03/14 by mattermind

I’ve wanted to post this for awhile but was looking (in vain) for a longer excerpt.

Star Wars and now The Empire Strikes Back have been rendered into Shakespeare-ese. It’s quite hysterical, especially when viewed as performance art.

Because Star Wars has become so ingrained in the modern imagination, we need no footnotes to take enjoyment from the “translated” text. Though Shakespeare, I’m sure, would have been a bit more deft had he done the writing himself, that doesn’t diminish the madcap lunacy of it all.

If anybody knows of longer examples, please let me know and I’ll pass them along. For now, here’s a LINK to more info about the release of The Empire Striketh Back.

Hope you like them. And may the Force be with thee.