A Personal Note

A quick note to current and future followers: I am just now gaining a handle on how to properly edit my posts before publication. More frequently than I would like, I catch errors only after they are up for the whole world to see.

If you are reading from the “subscribe” feature, you may end up with a rougher draft through the provided link than the one currently posted on the site. If you happen to catch an error, please refresh the page to see if it has already been fixed. If the mistake still stands, please let me know!

The joy of blogging serves many purposes. A big one for me is overcoming my perfectionist tendencies. While not an excuse for slipshod posting, I submit that the habit of daily entries forces me to move on more readily than I otherwise would. That benefit, however, should not come at the expense of your enjoyment of a professional, well-presented blog.

I thank you for your patience, your comments, your participation and your feedback!


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