Made Plans for Shakespeare Week?

Spring break has come a little early this year. And no, not because of global warming climate change.

It might not be the beaches of Ft. Lauderdale or Waikiki, but all England has decided the heck with waiting until April 23 to par-tay. It’s time to grab your hats and launch the Bard’s birthday celebration!

For official Shakespeare Week info, click HERE.

Makes sense, really. Western culture has pretty much abdicated Christmas to October, Valentine’s Day to January and Easter to February. Why not kick off Shakespeare’s bash over a month early? It’s not often a guy turns 450. (At least a guy we still hold in high esteem.)

So if you’re looking for a reason to take the week off or spiff up your dancing shoes, tell the boss/wife/significant other that you’re ringing in the official start of Shakespeare Week and all should be good.

Is it too early for bikinis and Bellinis in Stratford? I’ve gotta book me a flight, ASAP.

For more on the happenings, click HERE.


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