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Free Shakespeare Reader!

Posted in Bardware with tags on 2010/03/14 by mattermind

Everybody loves free things, myself included.  But my ears twitched when I heard about a downloadable Shakespeare reader that includes all his plays in a readable format that does not require you to be online.

It’s through ZDNet, a reliable source.  I checked it out ahead of time and experienced no problems whatsoever.  I’ll be reviewing it later once I’ve had more time to play around with it.

I’m a traditionalist who prefers hard copies (mostly because I’m an obsessive underliner and margin note writer; though Kindle allows for this, t’ain’t the same IMHO).

I’m not against new technologies, obviously.  My Creative Zen follows me wherever I go, I’m on friendly terms with my computer and yes, I have a cellphone.  From what I hear, I’ll love Kindles as much or more once I have one of my own.

A part of me still hopes that hardbound and paperback books will survive.  Perhaps for collectors only, like music that has migrated back to vinyl.  Or maybe rarer still, like the animal-replicas of Bladerunner.

You can’t hold back change.  But you can preserve the best of old technologies too.  All that glitters isn’t necessarily the new.

Anyway, here’s the LINK, in case you want to try the Shakespeare reader for yourself.

More Coriolanus coming later.  Promise.



Posted in Bardware with tags , on 2010/02/22 by mattermind

There’s an iphone app for everything these days… so why not Shakespeare?

Personally, if I were into the whole Apple thing, I’d go for the IMock Thee app for $1.99 which provides new and innovative ways to curse and yet sound cultural.

More info on the jump.


No Fear Shakespeare is $4.99 and you can get modern translations of Shakespeare in this app. The language of Shakespeare is put side by side with modern-English translations. Included is the first scene of eighteen of Shakespeare’s best known plays, full text of all 154 sonnets, easy to understand plots summaries, historical facts, and character descriptions. There is a search tool so you can find words quickly and even a choice Shakespearean insult from each play. The $4.99 pays for one play or buy all eighteen for a special price or purchase as you play.

Just Ducky, Thanks!

Posted in Bardware on 2009/12/31 by mattermind

Being that I’m an Oregon Duck and a fan of maritime inspiration (I should tell you about the Mr. Bubble escapade this summer in Falmouth/Cape Cod!), here’s a widget/whatsit/woodzel for those who attain their greatest insights while wet:–80313687.html

For the Person Who Has (Almost) Everything

Posted in Bardware on 2009/12/18 by mattermind

Thanks to Julie for tipping us off to the best site I’ve seen for… darned near anything literary and oddball. While ostensibly Shakespearen — and thus the reference here — you’ll be pleasantly reminded of an FAO Schwartz catalog. I only wish I’d discovered it while there were more shopping days left till Christmas!

As for literary action figures, there are way more than I’d imagined possible.

WARNING: Click… and prepare to abandon yourself from all productive labor for awhile.

You’re a Naughty Girl… Go Straight to My Room!

Posted in Bardware on 2009/12/17 by mattermind

Is it getting hot in here?

While playing the good reporter and verifying said Shakespeare Action Figure at the Writers Store, I stumbled upon the Shakespeare “Naughty Pillow” instead (and no action figures, but probably best to leave that alone). It is available in two varieties, apparently: the “love” version and the “naughty” version.

Shown above is the naughty pillow. What did you expect? (Victoria Secret model not included.)

Dear Santa

Posted in Bardware on 2009/12/17 by mattermind

Ladies and Gentlemen!

For your consideration, may I present a gift idea for the discriminating Shakespeare lover on your Christmas shopping list. Why, it’s the Shakespeare Action Figure. B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-brilliant!

I’m fairly certain these come in other popular flavors as well, including Edgar Allen Poe and Charles Dickens. Please check the Writers Store for availability on the net, or in Westwood, CA if you happen to be in the area. Small store, but a lot of fun if you have an interest in screenwriting. (

UPDATE: As of 17 December 2009, the Writer’s Store website offered four different action figure possibilities: Leonardo da Vinci (because, you know, he wrote great notes), Oscar Wilde, Charles Dickens (score!), and the ever-popular “Glow in the Dark Skeleton Pirates.”

And no Shakespeare. Wha?